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We welcome everyone to  our club

whether your a Football, Cricket,Social Member

or just a  Guest


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Here’s how you can contact and find us.

To help us with your enquiry please select to whom your enquiry should be addressed to;

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To contact us: Please use the form below.

In today’s society and being an interactive club we are reluctant in giving out names and phone numbers in this website for contacts.

We want you to contact us, but we need to implement security for those individuals at risk. If your enquiry is genuine, you will respect our decision in not publicly displaying individuals details.

So as we may contact you and give you the attention you deserve , we ask you to fill in the form below and submit your enquiry and we will responded accordingly.

Alternatively if you should wish to use the old fashioned pen and paper you can write to us at;

OWMRG Club Treasurer;

C/O 1 Waterside Gardens,



S35 0JS

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